Our Services

At OpabGas

At OpabGas, We offer a wide range of quality services that lingers on in the memory of our customers… Our first priority is getting digitally scaled gas at the lowest price invthe market.


    At OpabGas, you can refill your gas cylinders from 3kg upwards at a rate of ₦320/KG(Subject to the current market price) at any of our stations. We offer the most affordable rates regardless of the presence of competition. Also, when you fill your gas with OPAB, you get the precise quantity you request for. How can you buy from us if you can’t trust us, right? Hop in today and buy from one of our offices. Please note that we make home deliveries at affordable rates, determined by the mileage expended in making such delivery.
    Contact us today and we would be at your doorstep within 50 minutes.


    We sell gas accessories like burners, cylinders, regulators, amongst other high quality accessories.
    We buy from reliable marketers who meet up to our high taste for good quality, in order to give our
    buyers the best experience.
    Although we don’t sell fibre cylinders for now, our quality cylinder rates are: 3kg-5000, 5kg-6500,
    6kg- 7500, 12.5kg 15,000, 25kg- 25,000, 50kg, 50,000. New Cylinders are not sold with gas; to make
    a purchase with gas inclusion, kindly indicate in your order.
    Other rates include: Gas Valve – #3000; Regulator(depending on product) #2000-10,000, Gas
    Transfer Hose #400naira/yard. Our professional team will also see to Gas Leakage Repair and
    General Services at very pocket friendly rates, with focus on belie returns.
    Please note that you may also walk in to any of our offices today, and let our staff not only give you
    quality products but also professional guidance by helping you identify your specific needs.


    Would you rather have your OPAB deliveries made to your doorstep? Are you occupied and may not
    have the time to buy the burner yourself? Let OPAB handle your delivery. All you’ve to do is make
    your request to OPAB and our mobile unit will make your deliveries swiftly.


    All our rates are pocket friendly with economic reliability, however you will receive bigger discounts
    when you make bulk orders with us at OPAB Gas. We use digital accessories to ensure that our
    deliveries are accurate, while our team of customer friendly, well trained, sales marketing expert
    attend to your needs; before, during, and after every transaction.


    OPAB GAS is poised towards ensuring that our quality service systems are well dispersed across
    Nigeria. Thus, we offer training for young persons and existing businesses on creativity and
    innovation, business development, accounting and legal framework towards understanding the
    economic terrain, and international standard practices expected in running gas related ventures. Our
    one hour Consultancy costs ₦50,000. Training on Gas set up costs ₦200,000.