About us

OpabGas is the home of quality, affordable LPG in Nigeria.
We are a privately owned, value based, indigenous gas station focused on giving value and quality assurance of healthy gas usage when we serve you.

Who we are

We sell eco-friendly, affordable gas for effective running of your gas accessories. We are also into maintenance and sales of gas appliances, which are deliverable to your doorsteps. Because of OpabGas, kettles no longer call pots black in Nigeria.

We do not offer to sell you gas, we offer to provide a safer and healthier environment for us; we offer to provide security of life from possible Kitchen incidences traceable to low quality gas usage. At OpabGas, we offer you comfort, protection, and value for your money and life. Why not buy gas with us today?

Our core values

  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • Effective service delivery
  • Speed
  • Eco-friendly services
  • Professionalism and Expertise
  • Courteous service Corporate Social Responsibility

Let us Gas you up today

OpabGas is here to fuel your journey, whether it’s the voyage to a cleaner, safer, healthier environment, or just a trip to your next meal. We are here to help you go through every phase of your walks. Our team of culturally diverse professionals will be with you every step on the way.

Our Mission

At OpabGas, we’re invested into the promotion of using safety, quality, healthy gas in our society, by providing affordable and easily accessible gas services through home and office deliveries of our gas around Nigeria.

Our Unique Value Proposition

OPAB Gas with its smart technology has stepped in to plug holes; by bringing digitally scaled gas to door steps, revolutionalizing the way the people accesses Gas by removing cost barriers, driving demand and minimizing illegal refilling through telemetry application and Pay-As-You-Go Mobile money service

Our Vision

To use innovative measures to promote healthier gas usage practices in our society, thereby becoming an influence in promoting healthy gas usage practices not only to Nigeria but West Africa.

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